Managing stress in crisis situations

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Through this three-hour training seminar, you’ll discover how to implement effective strategies for managing everyday stress and transforming it into an ally.

Targeted audience

Any audience.



Special Note

This seminar is ideal for anyone who wishes to adapt more easily to change and stressful situations such as those we are currently experiencing. It is a new version of our popular course on stress management, adapted in terms of length (a shorter three-hour version), method of delivery (online environment) and content (connected to the current coronavirus or covid-19 pandemic).

Training Details


  • Learning the foundations of stress, its manifestations and its main causes
  • Understanding the physiology of stress and its impacts on a physical, mental and emotional level
  • Working on yourself, most notably on your stress hormones and well-being
  • Developing new helpful ways of thinking
  • Demonstrating resilience when faced with change
  • Adopting attitudes that foster serenity, even in times of crisis
  • Anchoring oneself in the present and engaging in planning on a daily basis
  • Letting go of external elements over which you have no control (such as the coronavirus)
  • Being creative and breaking out of isolation to avoid solitude

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