Introduction to Neurolinguistic Programming

Improve your communication skills using Neurolinguistic Programming.


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  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 945
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    • Montreal
    • Gatineau
    • Boisbriand
    • Quebec City

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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the knowledge required to describe the principles of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), set personal goals, improve communication skills, and take into account the non-verbal aspect of interactions with others.

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Any audience.



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  • The origins and key principles of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Defining, visualizing and achieving specific objectives that are both positive and feasible
  • Creating a relationship of confidence with the people you interact with
  • Calibration to assess the emotions of the other party
  • Synchronizing verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Active listening and adapting to the language of the other party: VAKO (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and olfactory)
  • Discovering one's own mode of behaviour
  • Realignment techniques to allow flexibility in presenting one's ideas
  • Anchoring techniques that enable using one's resources in order to meet objectives

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You learn a lot about the way your brain, personality and emotions work.

Mireille B. / Senior Financial Analyst, Services publics et Approvisionnement Canada

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  • Montreal

    February 17 to February 18 2020 - CONFIRMED

  • Gatineau

    February 27 to February 28 2020 - CONFIRMED

  • Boisbriand

    April 23 to April 24 2020

  • Quebec City

    May 13 to May 14 2020 - CONFIRMED

  • Montreal

    May 13 to May 14 2020

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