Improving your posture every day

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Upon completion of this course, participants will have the ability to adopt a good posture, whether they are sitting or standing.

Targeted audience

All people interested in posture



Special Note

Discover how to free yourself from physical tension, promote balance and improve circulation by correcting and improving your posture. Beginning with a theoretical explanation of what constitutes optimal posture, this practical workshop follows up with a series of simple exercises designed to make you aware of the specific elements that need to be improved in order to promote proper posture while sitting and standing. In addition to improving mobility and increasing energy, these exercises help you strengthen muscle tone, limit back pain and regain greater flexibility.

1 hour workshop.

Training Details


  • How sitting at a desk all day affects your health
  • Musculoskeletal disorders linked to poor posture
  • Learn about fascia—your body’s connective tissue
  • Proper posture at work
  • Practical yoga chair exercises to improve and maintain good posture every day

Material Note

Memory aid
Personal action and challenge plan

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Only private sessions of this course are currently available (8 participants minimum).

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