Effectively Organize Ideas using Mind Mapping

Learn to graphically represent your ideas and those of others.


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  • Project Management Institute 6 PDU


To provide the knowledge required to easily and logically create, organize and present one's ideas as well as absorb and remember those of others.

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Any audience.



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Teaches you a whole new way to communicate your ideas.

Pamela N. / Administratrice clinique, Homewood Santé


  • The functioning of the brain and the principles of mind maps
  • The creative spirit vs. the structured spirit: the paradox between structure and non-linearity which is resolved by mind mapping
  • Experimenting with the different sides of the brain
  • Creating a mind map: relationships between ideas, the relative importance of primary and secondary links, drawings and ideas
  • Practical applications of mind maps: structuring a project, conducting a meeting, taking notes, preparing a presentation, brainstorming, time management, etc.
  • Creating common maps in the context of a project
  • Using a simple, powerful methodology to achieve one's objectives as well as learn and retain new information


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    November 21 2018 - English version - CONFIRMED

  • Montreal

    January 23 2019 - CONFIRMED

  • Gatineau

    February 8 2019

  • Quebec City

    March 27 2019

  • Montreal

    May 1 2019

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