Developing your self-confidence

Living your life differently, facing new challenges and feeling good about yourself

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  • Duration 3 HOURS
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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to apply useful techniques for personal and professional growth in order to improve their self-confidence.

Targeted audience

Anyone who wishes to develop their self-confidence.



Training Details


  • Unit 1 – Where does self-confidence come from?: explaining the sources of self-confidence and identifying the things we can control in order to develop our self-confidence.
  • Unit 2 – Self-awareness—an essential tool: analyzing the beliefs and paradigms behind our everyday behaviours.
  • Unit 3 – Self-management—an art that can be learned: making new choices, both personally and professionally.

General Note

Who among us has never heard that they could be a little more confident? But where exactly does confidence come from and how does one develop it? Using a series of practical exercises, you will discover the specific attitudes and behaviours that can help you develop your confidence and how to inspire confidence in others. Also, during this course, you will learn what confident people have in common and the advantages that come with greater self-confidence.

Being more self-confident not only allows you to improve your relationships and reputation, it can help you successfully carry out the projects you set your mind to and seize the opportunities available to you, whether on a personal or professional level. Self-confidence is something you can learn to achieve—join us and discover how!

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  • Virtual Classroom

    June 8 2020 - From 1PM to 4PM

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