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Coaching a Winning Team

To be a good manager, you have to be a good coach.


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  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 945
  • Preferential fee 850?
  • Locations
    • Quebec City
    • Montreal
    • Sherbrooke
    • Saguenay
    • Boisbriand
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Accreditation and partners association

  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the knowledge and skills required to build a team that is capable of effectively dealing with the many challenges faced by today's businesses while ensuring that each team member’s abilities is used to its fullest potential.

Targeted audience

Anyone who is called upon to supervise staff members.



Training Details


  • The benefits and rewards of coaching
  • Coach and Manager: similarities, differences and adaptation
  • Roles and functions of a coach: communicator, facilitator, trainer, guide and evaluator
  • Coaching skills: assessment grid and skills to develop
  • Traditional management vs. team coaching: authority vs. guidance, individualism vs. partnership, discipline vs. accountability, human resources management vs. human potential management
  • Team meetings: a key ingredient
  • Creating and building a winning team: identity, values, belief, abilities, behaviours and environment
  • Identifying long-term solutions
  • Managing change
  • Communication techniques and strategies
  • Coaching generations Y and C
  • The five main dysfunctions of a team (assessment grid)
  • Suggestions for managing performance: knowledge assessment
  • Preparing a training plan
  • The mechanisms of motivation
  • Traps to avoid
  • Tool kit

Customer Testimonials

Very satisfying, interactive and captivating!

Marc A. / Superviseur de relève, Sûreté du Québec

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  • Quebec City

    November 12 to November 13 2019 - CONFIRMED

  • Montreal

    November 25 to November 26 2019 - CONFIRMED

  • Sherbrooke

    December 2 to December 3 2019

  • Saguenay

    December 9 to December 10 2019

  • Boisbriand

    December 12 to December 13 2019

  • Montreal

    January 23 to January 24 2020

  • Quebec City

    March 30 to March 31 2020

  • Montreal

    April 16 to April 17 2020

  • Boisbriand

    May 6 to May 7 2020

  • Montreal

    May 19 to May 20 2020

  • Saguenay

    June 8 to June 9 2020

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