Effective Delegation

Motivate your partners to responsibly carry out their duties.


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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the management knowledge and skills required to delegate efficiently and productively, using a goal-oriented approach.

Targeted audience

Anyone who is called upon to supervise staff members.



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  • Clearly defining the role delegation plays in business processes
  • Pitfalls associated with delegation, and how to avoid them
  • Distinguishing between tasks that are appropriate for delegation and those that are not
  • Identifying the right person to delegate to
  • Delegation based on business goals: who, what, why, how and when
  • Formulating instructions to ensure the best results
  • Developing skills to succeed at effective delegation
  • Developing skills as a result of effective delegation
  • How to hand over a task simply and effectively
  • Creating an action plan: mandate, objectives, deadlines and tasks
  • Monitoring progress without micromanaging
  • How to ask questions and listen effectively
  • Mobilizing your team by using coaching, recognition and affirmation tools
  • Generational aspects in delegation

Customer Testimonials

I got a better understanding of my role as a manager. This course helps you understand the various aspects and stages of delegation.

Vivian B. / Assistante-Contrôleure, Conseillers immobiliers GWL

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  • Montreal

    September 23 to September 24 2019 - CONFIRMED

  • Quebec City

    October 23 to October 24 2019

  • Montreal

    March 17 to March 18 2020

  • Quebec City

    May 4 to May 5 2020

  • Montreal

    July 15 to July 16 2020

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