Difficult personalities : from conflict to commitment


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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the knowledge and skills required to recognize and analyze the behaviour of people with difficult personalities and adapt both management and incentive methods in order to obtain a win-win solution and introduce positive changes.

Targeted audience

Anyone who needs to supervise staff members.



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  • Difficult personalities or conflicts: similarities and differences, and the associated costs
  • Before labelling people, recognize the cycle of behaviour
  • Six problem personality types: bully, victim, saviour, saboteur, the silent type and the know-it-all
  • Characteristics, behaviours and reactions to watch for
  • Actions to take, and actions to avoid
  • Managing one's own emotions
  • Catastrophic scenarios to avoid: the role of one's own beliefs and how they can affect judgement
  • Performance strategies and action plans
  • Job interviews: how to detect at-risk personalities
  • Knowledge of self and others: how to analyze different behavioural patterns and adjust to them
  • Verbal communication: strategies and techniques for conveying a clear and precise message that is understood by all
  • Non-verbal communication: inconsistencies between what one thinks and what one says
  • When enough is enough: disciplinary measures, action plans and dismissals
  • Practical advice
  • The legal framework: Commission des normes du travail, and psychological harassment
  • Tool kit

Customer Testimonials

Concepts were explained in simple terms, easy to understand and reflective of real situations.

Sandra B. / Gestionnaire de projet, Société Radio-Canada

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    October 26 to October 27 2020 - CONFIRMED

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    December 16 to December 17 2020

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