The role of human resource (HR) managers in corporate digital transformation

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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to diagnose how their businesses’ HR management staff’s level of preparation with regard to digital transformation.

Targeted audience

Any professional in charge of managing personnel: human resource directors and managers, human resource consultants, CHRPs as well as human resource consultants and coordinators.



Special Note

Please note that training courses are non-consecutive days


  • Day 1 : June 12
  • Day 2 : June 19


Training Details


Digital transformation has repercussions on the activities of the entire HR team. This course aims to help participants identify these impacts and determine how prepared their organization is with regard to human resources.

  • Consequences of digital transformation on individual professional activity
  • Impact on HR: new professions, skills assessment and other training practices.
  • Consequences and managing the impact of digital transformation on employment in the organization
  • Consequences of digital transformation on human resources, the HR role of directors and managers
  • Relationships between HR department and managers
  • Current role and managers’ involvement in digital transformation

  • Unit 1 – Digital transformation, HR and the individual: evaluating the impact of digital transformation on the employability of the company’s salaried workers.
  • Unit 2 – Digital transformation, HR departments and job market: evaluating the impact of digital transformation on the organization in terms of employment.
  • Unit 3 – Digital transformation, HR and support: evaluate how their HR unit aligns with the change strategy and the support required by managers and directors.

General Note

This course uses a real-life case study to highlight the consequences of digital transformation from the perspective of HR professionals.
Case studies and discussions
Practice: 80%
Theory: 20%

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  • Virtual Classroom

    June 12 to June 19 2020

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