Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Part 2

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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the knowledge and skills required to understand and use financial analysis concepts and techniques in order to evaluate your company’s performance as well as establish norms and targets for successful management.

Targeted audience

All management positions.


Basic concepts of finance (Course GE107).


  • Overview of the DuPont model: analyzing profitability for return on sales, managing and financing assets
  • Growth of sales, profits, assets and liabilities
  • Analyzing changes in financial position: cash flow and profit movements
  • The relationship between cash flow generated by operations and the capital expenses and dividend payments (the ratio of funds from operations to requirements)
  • Variations in operating capital and the quality of sales (accepting sales to less reliable customers?)
  • Do stocks really have the value indicated on the balance sheet?
  • The quality of earnings and the structure of capital
  • Sustainable growth rate and the company growth rate
  • The Modigliani-Miller ratio (debt to equity): what is sustainable?
  • Calculating the level of debt: sustainable and optimal
  • Calculating the sustainable level of dividends to distribute to shareholders
  • Calculating credit rating and the cost of debt
  • Financial forecasting tools

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