Developing Emotional Intelligence (II)

Improve your interpersonal relationships.


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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the knowledge and skills required to apply tools and techniques that allow you to use emotional intelligence in order to realize your full potential, build credibility, develop harmonious relationships in your personal life and develop strategic alliances at work.

Targeted audience

Any audience.


Knowledge of the principles of emotional intelligence (Course CH123).

Training Details


  • Advanced techniques for achieving well-being, and optimizing the quality of your communications as well as your personal and professional relationships
  • Internal and external strategies for remaining focused, dealing with frustration and making the best possible decisions
  • Techniques and strategies for encouraging engagement, synergy and team spirit by means of the tools of emotional intelligence
  • Increasing your capacity to handle day-to-day demands and their inherent challenges
  • Identifying the best approaches for handling difficult personalities in order to manage delicate situations
  • The importance of perception, values and beliefs
  • Strategies for eliminating psychological barriers in order to achieve your full potential
  • Identifying the internal and external factors that foster personal motivation
  • Tips and strategies for handling toxic relationships: using the tools of emotional intelligence to deal with the diversity and complexity of workplace relationships
  • Identifying the best approaches for handling stressful situations and building harmonious relationships

Customer Testimonials

Emotional Intelligence should be developed by everyone to make our world a better place.

Francis R. / Surintendant, Défense nationale et les Forces armées canadiennes

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  • Montreal

    November 17 to November 18 2020

  • Virtual Classroom

    December 2 to December 3 2020

  • Virtual Classroom

    February 18 to February 19 2021

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