The Board of Directors: Responsible, Effective and Harmonious Gorvenance

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  • Project Management Institute 6 PDU


To provide the knowledge and skills required to understand the scale and importance of the responsibilities granted to the Board of Directors, the administrators, the officers and the leaders of an organization, taking into account best practices of governance.

Targeted audience

Administrators or future administrators in any organization.




  • The importance and the evolution of governance
  • A boeard of Director's raison d'être, its fiduciary role and its added value
  • Key responsibilities of a board of directors
  • Key responsibilities of administrators
  • The committees formed by the board of directors: what are their purposes and roles?
  • The key responsibilities of the principle officers
  • The optimal composition of a board of directors, and the effectiveness of board meetings
  • Simulation of a board of directors: role-playing activities, observations, discussions in subgroups and plenary sessions

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