Professional Ethics: An Added-Value Skill

Integrity and collective well-being at the heart of one's thoughts, decisions and actions.

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To provide the knowledge and skills required to concretely contribute to the ethical culture of one's organization.

Targeted audience

Managers at any level and anyone responsible for implementing, managing or improving initiatives that promote and support ethical behaviour in the organization.




  • From coercion to prevention to individual and collective empowerment
  • Sharpening one's ethical sensibilities
  • Strengthening one's insight
  • Identifying and mastering vulnerabilities
  • Using tools to improve ethical decision-making
  • Leading by example
  • Encouraging adherence and allegiance to the values of the organization
  • Maintaining and increasing one's credibility
  • Honesty in communication
  • Acting consistently: speech and action in harmony
  • Speaking the same language with regard to common values and the key behaviours that apply to them
  • Encouraging dialogue in order to resolve ethical dilemmas
  • Identifying and managing risks and ethical dilemmas
  • Establishing objectives and measurable indicators that include ethical conditions
  • Emphasizing exemplary behaviour
  • Demonstrating managerial courage and handling dubious behaviour
  • Highlighting the importance of awareness when it comes to ethical issues and their possible consequences
  • Encouraging accountability in order to generate appropriate attitudes and behaviours
  • Developing ethical reflexes: communication and analysis skills for ethical decision-making

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