Tips and Tricks for Improving Your English Vocabulary

Everything you need to build a quality vocabulary in English.


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to understand the most important vocabulary categories in English, better understand how the brain and memory function when learning new vocabulary, and acquire the techniques necessary to be as effective as possible.

Targeted audience

Any French-speaking audience.



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  • The most important categories to master: verbs, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, etc.
  • Idioms, transitional expressions and other more complex vocabulary
  • The brain and memory: their impact on learning vocabulary
  • The most effective methods
  • Methods tailored to your learning style
  • References and training tools (online, applications, software, reference books and others)

General Note

Explanations may be provided in French in order to ensure a good understanding of the concepts covered.

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A ton of practical advices. A course extremely stimulating who makes me want to learn more and get better.

Ronan C. / Comptable, -

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    September 28 2020

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    October 8 2020

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