Teleworking successfully, in all circumstances

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  • Duration 2 HOURS
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Through this 2 hours training seminar, you’ll discover tips and tricks for creating the right conditions for working from home.

Targeted audience

Any professional called upon to work from home, most notably as a result of confinement due to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Special Note

Whether it is a personal decision or one imposed by your employer due to the current health crisis, teleworking is not necessarily an easy task for everyone. This training seminar will enable you to implement the best practices for teleworking and walk you through all of the different aspects you will need to consider in order to be able to collaborate effectively while working remotely. The myths and realities of teleworking will also be addressed. Training will wrap up with a question period during which you can exchange with the trainer.

Training Details



  • Creating your own office space
  • Managing time and prioritizing emergencies
  • Setting boundaries between work and family life
  • Planning your work schedule and breaks
  • Maintaining proper attire
  • Getting outside and clearing your mind


  • Maintaining confidentiality within your work
  • Keeping professional data secure
  • Collaborating with a remote team
  • Keeping yourself motivated on a daily basis
  • Setting up your equipment (laptop, webcam, headset, cell phone)
  • Developing communication and breaking out of isolation

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*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Virtual Classroom

    July 15 2020 - From 10AM to 12AM - CONFIRMED

  • Virtual Classroom

    September 8 2020 - From 10AM to 12AM

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