January 12 2015


Project Management and Processes

New at Technologia : International Certification in User Experience (UX)

Technologia, in partnership with Yu Centrik, a Montreal firm specializing in user experience, is proud to announce the launch of the first international certification user experience (UX) program.

Targeting project managers wanting to incorporate the main tools and methods of UX in a digital project’s development, this certification includes 3 levels; each designed to address specific needs.

In the first certification level, participants learn about the main concepts and applications for UX in the development of digital products and services.

In the second certification level, participants learn how to improve quality and efficiency at each step of a digital project’s delivery by incorporating the main UX tools and methods.

And in the third certification level, aimed at seasoned project managers, participants learn how manage UX activities within major projects and how to measure a positive impact on the organization and the client experience.

These 2 last levels, however, require a high level of experience in digital project management. Each level spans more than 2 days with French and English training courses at Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau and Toronto starting in January 2015.

This certification’s program is provided by UX alliance, the world’s first network for user experience specialists, for which Yu Centrik is the only Canadian representative. 

Whether you wish to promote or launch a UX project in your enterprise, manage a more sophisticated UX operation, or make strategic decisions about UX investments and KPI measures, you are at the right place with this certification.

About Technologia

Technologia Training is recognized as a leader among training providers in Québec, and is also the first continuous-learning centre aimed at professionals specialized in information technology, project management and human capital with more than 300 training courses offered.

About Yu Centrik

Yu Centrik is a company specialized in user experience design. Launched in 2003, they analyze, conceive and validate digital products and services in order to help their customers develop a positive user experience throughout their own customer touch points.  


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