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The quest to offer the best possible training has always shaped the selection process of new members of the CrossKnowledge Faculty. Made-up of world-renowned teachers, influencers, and experts from the most prestigious business schools, such as Harvard, London Business School, HEC Paris, INSEAD, etc. the Faculty team up to share their knowledge and thinking on cutting-edge themes.

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

Leadership and Management

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is CEO of the consultancy 20-first, one of the world’s leading gender consultancies. Avivah is author of two books: 'HOW Women Mean Business, A Step by Step Guide to Profiting from Gender Balanced Business' and 'WHY Women Mean Business: Understanding the Emergence of Our Next Economic Revolution'. She has spoken on leadership, marketing and talent management issues across the globe and she lectures at both INSEAD and HEC business schools.

JP Eggers

Strategy consultant - NYU Stern

Previously a strategy consultant, JP Eggers is now a professor at New York University Stern School of Business, where he mainly teaches strategy to MBA students. His work and research interests focus on decision making in an uncertain environment, technological change and new product development. NYU Stern's Professor of the Year 2010 for the MBA programme, JP Eggers has also recently been named one of the Top 40 Business School Professors Under the Age of 40.

Andrew Kinder - Experts Faculté CrossKnowledge

Andrew Kinder

Speaker at London King's College

Andrew is a leading chartered psychologist from the UK and was awarded a Fellowship by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy for his ground breaking work. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and Visiting Lecturer at London King's College. Wellbeing Support; A Workplace Resource' which has been described by David Fairhurst (Senior Vice President, McDonald's Restaurants) as an "important" book.

Gérard Baglin

Professor at HEC Paris

A graduate of the HEC and the Institut de Droit des Affaires (Paris II), Gerard Baglin also holds a postgraduate degree in accounting (DECS). As an Associate Professor at all the institutions in the HEC business schools group, he lectures in logistics and production management, information systems, and accounting and services management. He also teaches in several foreign establishments. He has coordinated and written several key reference works.

Robert Dilts

Leadership and Change expert

Robert Dilts is an internationally respected developer, author, trainer and consultant in the field of leadership and change and a pioneer in the field of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a discipline that has profoundly shaped and enlightened management, training and communication techniques. From his professional debuts in Palo Alto, his consulting has taken him around the world, working closely with organisations. His books include Strategies for Genius, Visionary Leadership Skills, Sleight of Mouth and Alpha Leadership.

Manfred Kets de Vries

Management and psychoanalysis expert - INSEAD

The Financial Times and The Economist have judged Manfred Kets de Vries one of world's leading thinkers on leadership and organizational behavior. Manfred Kets de Vries straddles the two worlds of management and psychoanalysis and brings a different view to the much-studied subjects of leadership and the dynamics of individual and organizational change. He has pioneered the use of psychoanalysis to understand what happens when executives go off the rails. Nowadays, his research interests focus more on what makes for healthy organizations employing high-performance teams. In the videos filmed in July, he talks about these two topics.

Chris Trimble

Expert on making innovation happen - Darmouth

A professor at the Tuck School for Businesses at Dartmouth, one of the best MBAs in the world, Chris Trimble is recognised as an expert on innovation. He is particularly interested in best practices for testing innovation and turning emerging ideas into actions. A well-known speaker, he also works with clients such as GE, IBM, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Fidelity and the New York Times Company. Chris Trimble has published four books, the latest of which, 'Reverse Innovation' argues for the decentralisation of innovation and shows how local innovation can have a global impact, benefitting the whole company.

Monika Hamori

Career development - WHARTON

With a PHD from Wharton, Monika Hamori is a Professor in Management at the Instituto de Empresa Business School in Madrid, one of the top international business schools. She has a new and particularly useful approach to human resources management. Her thinking allows executives to identify the best career accelerators and to avoid traps which may hinder their progression. She also provides a useful guide to successfully managing new generations, breaking down their relationship to work and their aspirations.

Tal Ben-Shahar

Positive psychology - HARVARD

Tal Ben-Shahar is an author and lecturer, teaching at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. He taught the largest course at Harvard on "Positive Psychology" and the third largest on "The Psychology of Leadership"— with a total of over 1,400 students. 23% of his Harvard students claim that he changed their life. Tal consults and lectures around the world to executives in multi-national corporations, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and the general public. Topics include leadership, education, ethics, happiness, self-esteem, resilience, goal setting, and mindfulness.

Charles Handy

International management thinker - London Business School

Charles Handy is a writer, broadcaster and lecturer. He regularly features among the most influential business thinkers across the world. His books on the changing shape of work and its effects on our lives and organizations have sold almost two million copies around the world. His most recent book was 'Myself and Other Important Matters', a memoir. Currently, he is working with his wife, Elizabeth, developing the Still Life process which seeks to draw out the values and priorities that guide individuals and organizations.