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Policies for using the distance learning platform

  1. Access is valid for one person (single user) only, for a duration that is determined at the time of product purchase. NO refunds or exchanges will be granted for any CrossKnowledge and Skillsoft products. All CrossKnowledge products are payable immediately at the time of the transaction.
  2. All data (of any kind whatsoever)—in particular texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio and video clips, trademarks, software packages, and characteristics in any way associated or connected with the CrossKnowledge and Skillsoft Site and all of its versions—is protected by copyright laws, trademark rights and all other intellectual property laws and rights, and belongs to E-LEARNING S.A. or to third parties that have authorized E-LEARNING S.A. to exploit and use said data.
  3. The User thereby undertakes NOT to reproduce, summarize, modify, alter or re-distribute any text, titles, applications, software packages, images, videos, graphs, trademarks, information or illustrations whatsoever without prior written consent and understands that the aforementioned data is for personal use only. Any other form of representation (e.g.: for professional use, business use or for mass distribution) without prior written consent shall constitute an act of counterfeiting.
  4. In the same way, the User agrees NOT to copy all or part of the Site onto any other site and/or internal business network. The User also agrees NOT to extract all or part of the Site for the purposes of importing and storing the contents and database.

Regulations pertaining to the offer of free complementary material

1. Eligible courses

1.1 Training seminars providing free 30-day access to Technologia’s E-learning space were selected among those offered in the project management and human capital curriculum. Once you’ve completed one of these selected seminars, you will receive an email invitation, asking if you would like access to complementary material. Should you accept this request, you will receive a second email containing your username and password within a few days. Your 30-day access to this free complementary material will begin 2 days after the end of your training seminar at Technologia, regardless of when you accept the offer.

1.2 Your free 30-day trial is non-transferable and has no cash value. If you do not accept the offer within the period of time mentioned in paragraph 1.1, no compensation will be provided.

1.3 During the 30-day trial period, you can take advantage of a promotional offer that allows you to purchase a one-year membership for the platform at a cost of $295 (plus applicable taxes). This offer is valid only for individuals who have taken an eligible training seminar, and expires after the 30-day trial period. Unlike the 30-day trial period (during which time you have access only to material that complements the training seminar you took at Technologia), this promotion grants you the right to access ALL of the material available on the platform. Note that the start date of the one-year membership is the same as the start date of your free 30-day trial (in other words, two days after your training seminar end date).

1.4 Should you choose NOT to purchase the promotion described in paragraph 1.3, your online portal will become inactive once your 30-day trial period expires. In this particular case, you can no longer take advantage of the promotional one-year membership offer and will be required to pay the regular rate in order to re-instate your platform access.

2. Post-training seminar registration

2.1 Any person registered in an eligible training seminar can take advantage of a free 30-day trial for Technologia’s E-learning space. During this free 30-day trial, you will only have access to material that complements the training seminar you have taken. As such, we cannot guarantee a minimum number of accessible training objects during this period. Because the content of this platform is constantly changing, the number of items available may vary depending on when the platform is accessed and the topic selected.

2.2 Participants who are eligible for the 30-day trial will receive an email invitation asking them to confirm their interest in connecting to the portal within 24 hours of completing their training seminar at Technologia.

2.3 The free 30-day trial begins on the date indicated in the email invitation. As such, the date on which the participant accepts the offer will not be recognized as the start date of the 30-day trial. Although participants can still accept the offer after the date indicated in the email invitation, they will only benefit from the days remaining in their 30-day trial. In other words, the 30 days of access are not calculated from the time the participant accepts the invitation. They are, as stated above, calculated based on the date indicated in the email invitation.

2.4 If the participant fails to take advantage of the free 30-day trial before its date of expiry, he will only be granted access by purchasing a one-year membership. A second 30-day trial can be obtained by registering and taking part in another eligible training seminar.

3. Purchasing a membership extension

3.1 Purchasing an 11-month membership extension is only possible during the 30-day trial offered to participants who have taken an eligible course. An 11-month membership extension cannot be purchased without first accepting access to the complementary material offered free of charge over a one-month period. Customers who wish to register for Technologia’s E-learning space without first taking an eligible course may do so any time by visiting www.technologia.com and adding a one-year membership to their shopping cart. .

4. Purchasing a one-year membership

4.1 Persons interested in a one-year membership to Technologia’s E-learning space or for another online training can register online at www.technologia.com without having to register for a course at Technologia. In this particular case, however, members will not be granted a free one-month trial.

4.2 The use of a prepaid bank of courses is not available for all of the online training.

5. Cancelling, transferring or obtaining a refund

5.1 In all cases (free trial or purchase of one-year membership), the Technologia E-learning space licence is non-transferable and non-refundable. In other words, under no circumstances may holders of this licence change user, e-mail address or user number, give their licence to a third party or request either a full or partial refund for any reason whatsoever.

5.2 Should an eligible course be cancelled before its scheduled date, participants will NOT be granted free access to Technologia’s E-learning space for a free 30-day trial. Should the course be postponed, the trail period will also be postponed and shall begin at the end of the last day of training, upon reception of the email invitation and registration to the portal.

5.3 If a participant who is registered in an eligible course either cancels his registration in said course, is refunded for said course or fails to attend said course, he will NOT be granted a free 30-day trial to Technologia’s E-learning space.

Available languages

The French version of Technologia’s E-learning space was produced using the international French writing style and preferences. As such, some of the terminology used reflects these preferences. For example, the site makes use of the terms “manager” and “management” rather than the more common Québec alternatives “gestion” and “gestionnaire.” In addition, some of the site’s content—videos, for example—are presented in the original English version with French translations or sub-titles.

Technologia’s E-learning space is also available in English. Users can change their language preferences for viewing online content directly on the platform at any time. As such, users who purchase a French membership (or any other Technologia E-learning space product in French) can subsequently change the language they are using for their online training. The language selected upon purchase will, however, determine the language used by Technologia for communications* with the user, regardless of any language changes the user makes on the platform.

*By communications, Technologia refers to email communications and billing as well as any other written or verbal communication between Technologia and the user.