Maximize the Potential of Your Sales Team - online training

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Leading a top-notch sales team isn't something that comes about through luck. Good sales managers have a full arsenal of strategies at the ready for selecting, motivating, training, and retaining a talented and productive team. They know how to celebrate and reward the big wins, as well as handle poor performance when it arises. This program focuses on upbeat and well-tested strategies from Butch Bellah, the author of several books on the subject and a salesman and manager with over 25 years of experience in the trenches himself.

Targeted audience

Sales managers.



Special Note

100% online training with completely flexible schedule. Accessible anytime from anywhere. This training includes interactive modules, questionnaires, videos, tools and fact sheets. One-year access to the training.

Training Details


1. What are the roles of a sales manager?

  • The roles of a sales manager
  • What do you think is the biggest challenge?

2. How can we adapt coaching to performance?

  • Share your experience with sales superstars
  • With whom do you spend the most time?
  • Adapt coaching to performance
  • How can we push our sales team to their limits?

3. How should we provide ongoing training?

  • Share your training experience
  • Provide ongoing training

4. How can we manage the team's pipeline?

  • Manage your team's pipeline
  • Share your KPIs with your colleagues

5. How do we set team goals and motivate wins?

  • Set team goals and motivate wins
  • Develop an optimal incentive program (optional)
  • Brainstorming: What are your suggestions?

6. How should we run a sales meeting?

  • When things get heated up...
  • Run a sales meeting
  • Brainstorming: What are the key topics you will include?

7. What's the best way to address poor performance?

  • Address poor sales performance

8. How do we strengthen cross-functional relationships? (optional)

  • Strengthen cross-functional relationships
  • Share about your relationships

9. What's the best way to recruit and onboard? (optional)

  • Hire hard, manage easy
  • What are your selection criteria?
  • Recruit sales superstars
  • Onboard salespeople
  • Share your onboarding ideas
  • 10. How can we groom future sales managers? (optional)

    • Groom future sales managers


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