Meeting Mania the antidote - Online training

Decrease your meetings by 20% with this course!

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  • Duration 2.5 HOURS
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You will improve the quality of the meetings you facilitate or participate in.

Targeted audience

All audience.



Special Note

But how?
Diagnostic Exercises, infosheets from Our Experts, role-play paired with coaching and analysis, practical Training, personalized Improvement Plans, opportunities to follow up online with our experts.

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Training Details


  • COURSE 1 – Planning your meeting – (30 minutes): to have fewer, more efficient meetings
  • COURSE 2 – Negotiating the rules – (30 minutes): to propose, negotiate, adopt and respect rules of participation for your meetings
  • COURSE 3 – Mastering the content – (30 minutes): that all participants share an understanding of what has been discussed during your meetings
  • COURSE 4 – Managing the work climate – (30 minutes): to allow the facilitator to optimize the quality of the work climate in their meetings
  • COURSE 5 – Following-up – (30 minutes): to make sure all required follow-up is carried out


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