Make Remote Working Work for You - Online Training

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  • Duration 6 HOURS
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Remote working requires considerable proficiency with digital tools as well as smarter ways of managing working relationships. More and more people are taking on these challenges, but often they do so without fully understanding the risks involved nor the potential gains that can be made when it's done right. In this course, we take a complete look at how to adapt to working with colleagues at a distance while maintaining a sense of creativity, trust, and team spirit. We also look at strategies for better communication, and the tools that can help us stay connected and in sync.

Targeted audience

Anyone who works remotely (home workers, geographically dispersed team members, mobile workers, people working in shared offices, freelancers, digital nomads, etc.)



Special Note

100% online training with completely flexible schedule. Accessible anytime from anywhere. This training includes interactive modules, questionnaires, videos, tools and fact sheets. One-year access to the training.

Training Details


1. Introduce yourself

  • What's a Personal Map?
  • Make your own Personal Map

2. What are the risks and rewards?

  • The risks and opportunities of remote working

3. How should we adapt?

  • Adapt to remote working
  • Optimize your organization

4. How can we stay motivated?

  • Accountability as a driver for motivation
  • How can we keep morale high in remote teams?

5. What are the keys to communicating effectively?

  • Direct interactions are not always best!
  • Smartworkers embrace new communication tools

6. How can we best communicate across cultures? (Optional)

  • Good communication is culturally contextualized
  • Remote communication across cultures

7. How can we foster remote teamwork?

  • How much time do you spend on informal relationships?
  • Increase your visibility
  • Create connection in remote teams
  • What sort of connection ritual could you start up?

Going further

  • Additional resources
  • Connectivity doesn't mean availability
  • Think before you send!
  • How to stay in control as a remote worker
  • How to build trust remotely
  • Work at home
  • Set up a work space at home


  • Subscription english version

  • Subscription french version