Improve Your Personal Effectiveness - online training

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  • Duration 7 HOURS
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Wondering how you can be more productive? Finding it hard to concentrate? Hoping to squeeze a few more things into a busy day? Interested in communicating and presenting better? Or just hoping to get out of a rut? This course provides proven hacks from top experts in improving your efficiency in all of these areas. Get ready to boost your performance at work and in your daily life.

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100% online training with completely flexible schedule. Accessible anytime from anywhere. This training includes interactive modules, questionnaires, videos, tools and fact sheets. One-year access to the training.

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1. Coping with stress

  • Improve my well-being
  • Deal with a stressful assignment

2. Effective task management

  • Multitasking
  • Do you suffer from the lion syndrome?
  • Sort and simplify
  • Organizing our tasks

3. Effective time management

  • Recognize the factors in time-wasting

4. Reaching your maximum energy level

  • Being in the flow
  • Connectivity doesn't mean "availability"

5. Communicating effectively by email

  • Email is work
  • Communicating powerfully by email

6. Giving successful presentations

  • Tell stories
  • Communicating — connecting to your people

7. Owning your development

  • Seize the opportunity of digital learning
  • Take feedback well
  • Learning from failure means learning that lasts

8. Additional resources

  • Be detached
  • Three rules for efficient time management
  • Connecting to your audience's language
  • Acquiring a competitive skillset in today's changing world
  • Stop never-ending email threads
  • Three tips to eliminate clutter


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