Add Coaching to Your Management Style - Online Training

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Coaching as a management style is an effective way to enhance the performance of teams, individual staff members, and managers themselves. Coaching fosters a less stressful environment, effective teamwork, and institutional change. But how do you reconcile coaching and management? What skills do you need to acquire in order to build coaching into your management methods? This course will give you the answers!

Targeted audience

Any manager who wants to support change more effectively and help team members achieve self-development goals.



Special Note

100% online training with completely flexible schedule. Accessible anytime from anywhere. This training includes interactive modules, questionnaires, videos, tools and fact sheets. One-year access to the training.

Training Details


1. What is coaching?

  • What is coaching really about?
  • What careful line does a manager walk?
  • What leads to success in coaching?
  • Coaching vs. management: What's the difference?

2. How should we observe and listen?

  • What powers lie in observing and listening?/li>
  • What is the power of observation?
  • Can you perform PURE observation?
  • How can we enhance our listening?
  • What blocks your listening?

3. How should we give constructive feedback?

  • What's so tricky about feedback?
  • How can we give effective feedback?
  • Can you give some knockout feedback?

4. What's the best way to foster self-confidence?

  • Why do coaches focus on self-confidence?
  • What is the power of potential?
  • What about times of crisis?
  • How do we build up a team in crisis?

5. What is hands-off support?

  • Is there such a thing as too much support?
  • What are the pitfalls in offering advice?
  • What might you do too much of in coaching?

6. How can we help people change?

  • What's the challenge of change?
  • How do we help change behaviors?
  • What's a behavior you'd like to help change?

7. How can we support people through organizational change?

  • What about when the whole organization is changing?
  • How can you support people through change?
  • Can you support team members through major changes?


  • What powers lie in observing and listening?
  • How can we enhance our listening?
  • How do we help change behaviors?
  • How can you support people through change?

Going further

  • Support women at the early stage of their careers
  • The value a mentor can add
  • Helping your people advance in their careers


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