Create a Great Customer Experience - Online Training

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  • Duration 9 HOURS
  • Regular fee 219


All businesses should deliver satisfactory customer service. Here we'll look at how to create truly great customer experiences, those ""wow"" moments that amaze customers, inspire loyalty, and free stores from race-to-the-bottom pricing competition. This training will give you a set of tools that allow us to create true moments of magic for our customers and just as importantly, to do so consistently.

Targeted audience

Anyone in contact with the customer.



Special Note

100% online training with completely flexible schedule. Accessible anytime from anywhere. This training includes interactive modules, questionnaires, videos, tools and fact sheets. One year access to the training.

Training Details


Amazing every customer

  • What's it take to be amazing?
  • How often should you amaze your customers?
  • Amaze our customers
  • How's your level of amazement?
  • How do we create moments of magic?
  • Let's diagnose your key moments in customer service

Greeting your customer

  • What's the best way to greet a customer?
  • How can we create a winning first impression?

Adapting to individual customers

  • Adapt your approach to the different types of customers
  • How should you serve a varied clientele?

Inspiring your customer

  • How can we improve customer service through cross-selling and up-selling?
  • Create the right “Extra Questions”

Surprising your customer

  • How can we under-promise and over-deliver?
  • Generate customer surprise
  • Being a leader
  • One to say yes, two to say no
  • Find creative solutions

Winning back customers

  • What about when things have already gone wrong?
  • Master the art of recovery
  • Turn things around with an angry customer
  • Stay calm with trying customers

Leaving a lasting impression

  • Make the last impression a lasting impression
  • How can you do post-sale follow up in style?


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