Become an effective and thriving remote salesperson – 5E5S® Online training

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  • Duration 5 HOURS
  • Regular fee 450
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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to apply specific techniques for remote sales.

Targeted audience

All sales positions: sales directors, account managers, sales representatives, salesclerks, business development advisors, sales consultants, salespersons.



Special Note

Are your salespeople no longer able to see their customers or potential customers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you wish to continue interacting with your customers over the phone? Are you eager to maintain your business relationships and pursue business development?

This course offers a comprehensive approach for remote sales representatives that provides a set of resources for successful exchanges with customers and prospects (inbound/outbound calls).

Master the resources required to negotiate and conduct sales during inbound and outbound calls, deal with daily pressure related to prices and delays, detect new opportunities (business rebound and additional sales) and avoid tense situations associated with sedentary sales.

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Training Details


UNDERSTANDING AND PREPARING to conduct sales differently

Quick review of telephone communication basics

  • Peculiarities of listening over the phone: heightening listening skills in order to truly understand everything being said
  • The importance of synchronization and concentration techniques


To capture interest from the outset of the conversation
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Customizing sales pitch – the art of arousing interest in a few short words
  • Participants will be asked to formulate their own effective hooks

To convince potential customers

  • Identifying specific needs and improving chances of success
  • Particularities of the telephone sales pitch
  • Responding to the prospect’s objections
  • Formulating arguments based on telephone constraints
  • Identifying and dealing with main objections

To engage the prospect

  • The art of closing the sale over the phone
  • Systematically upselling and/or cross-selling

Negotiating the sale

  • Reacting appropriately to requests for price negotiation
  • Two key reflexes for becoming a better negotiator
  • SPC method
  • Practicing negotiation skills based on the main objections experienced by participants


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