Become a better salesperson and close more sales! - LEAD® online training

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  • Duration 5 HOURS
  • Regular fee 450
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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to persuade customers in order to close sales.

Targeted audience

All sales positions: sales directors, account managers, sales representatives, salesclerks, business development advisors, sales consultants, salespersons.



Special Note

Experiencing heavy price pressure within your markets?
Are your buyers increasingly demanding, to the point of throwing you off balance?
Are you aware that mastering the sales process is essential to succeeding in your work?
Join us and learn one of the best sales strategies—the DEAL approach. We have trained some of the top salespeople from multinational corporations who now use this method with their strategic accounts.

3 months access to the training

Training Details


Creating the desire to become business partners

  • Setting yourself apart from the outset by positioning yourself in a manner that is different from the competition
  • Conditioning yourself to establish a relationship of equality
  • Creating your own unique sales pitch: quickly demonstrating your professionalism
  • Answering your customers’ questions without asking the questions yourself

Demonstrating your expertise through a quality diagnosis

  • Creating your own strategy for developing business, generating leads and finding prospects
  • Analyzing responses in order to identify objective and subjective needs
  • The benefits of applying metaprograms to business situations
  • Creating a strategy for asking questions

Influencing decisions through your words

  • Understanding the key drivers of influence: what leads customers to make decisions
  • Using the most impactful oratory techniques to convince even the most indecisive customers
  • Discovering the benefits of paradoxical approaches and the virtue of simplicity

Adapting to objections

  • Participants will list the objections they encounter on a daily basis
  • Discover an effective method for responding without demonstrating arrogance or weakness

Discussing price in a calm manner

  • Limiting the risk of “negotiation” through a simple presentation of price and conditions
  • Preparing your price presentation throughout the sales process
  • Using the right techniques to strengthen the legitimacy of your pricing policy
  • Responding to specific objections to price and terms of sale

Closing the sale

  • A method for moving from the “advising” stage to closing the sale
  • A few “boosters” to help guarantee you will close the sale
  • Venturing to continue the sale after customer refusal


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