Become a better business negotiator and close more deals! - DEAL® Online training

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  • Duration 5 HOURS
  • Regular fee 450
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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to use basic business negotiation techniques.

Targeted audience

All sales positions: sales directors, account managers, sales representatives, salesclerks, business development advisors, sales consultants, salespersons.



Special Note

Experiencing heavy price pressure within your markets?
Are your buyers increasingly demanding, to the point of throwing you off balance?
Are you aware that mastering negotiation is essential to succeeding in your work?
Join us and learn one of the best negotiation strategies—the DEAL approach. We have trained some of the top negotiators from multinational corporations who now use this method with their strategic accounts.

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Training Details


  • Demonstrating trust while remaining in control
  • Using reciprocity to leverage upstream action in negotiation
  • Understanding the effects of the threshold of irreversibility
  • Distinguishing your position from your objective
  • When and how to announce your initial position
  • Carrying out three parts of negotiation: “Who,” “How” and “What”
  • Create optimal conditions for obtaining reciprocal concessions
  • Reacting to excess demands from the other party
  • Demonstrating rather than saying negotiations are over
  • Restoring the balance of negotiation
  • Measuring your BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement) and the other party’s BATNA
  • Highlighting your offer and assets
  • Knowing how to express that final “No” and put an end to negotiations
  • Identifying and outsmarting distributive tactics that can otherwise throw you off balance (salami, “take it or leave it,” emergency, good cop/bad cop…)
  • Remaining calm in tense situations (clients who are difficult, aggressive, manipulative, etc.)


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