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Access to course catalog - Annual membership

Access to basic pedagogical contents + 14 "best practices courses".

  • Duration 1 YEAR
  • Regular fee 450


Enjoy year-long access to training on a variety of topics.

Targeted audience

Any audience.


Internet connection required to access online training content.

Special Note

Access to basic pedagogical contents + 14 "best practices courses".


More than 1,000 learning objects are available on these topics:

  • Change
  • Client Orientation
  • Communication
  • Developing Talents
  • Driving Operations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • Finance
  • Global Business
  • Human Resources
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Managing Cross-functionally
  • Managing People
  • Managing Performance
  • Personal Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sectors of Activity
  • Strategy
  • Technology

General Note

100% online training—completely flexible schedule.