Understanding Value Creation in Your Company - Online Training

  • Duration 6 HOURS
  • Regular fee 105


Understanding the 3 keys to financial analysis. Getting an overview of the financial workings of your business. Identifying the factors that optimize value creation. Practising value creation in your daily work as a decision-making manager.

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Special Note

This training path of 6 hours is available during 1 year and include:

  • 7 sessions
  • 1 essential
  • 3 videocasts
  • 3 evaluations


  • Do you get the full financial picture of your business? 
  • The company as a finance pump 
  • Analyzing liquidity 
  • The 3 keys of finance 
  • Measuring profitability 
  • Evaluating financial equilibrium 
  • Why are companies dying? 
  • Mastering the basics of valuation 
  • Managing with value creation levers 
  • Creating value on a daily basis 
  • Mastering the basics of valuation

Learning Structure

Learning Structure for online training Understanding Value Creation in Your Company

General Note

100% online training—completely flexible schedule.


  • Subscription french version

  • Subscription english version