Preparing a Convincing Communication - Online Training

  • Duration 9 HOURS
  • Regular fee 135


Making successful presentations to an audience Developing ability to convince people

Targeted audience

Any Audience.

Special Note

This training path of 9 hours is available during 1 year and include:

  • 14 sessions
  • 1 action tip
  • 3 evaluations


  • Adding strength to your arguments 
  • How to ask questions that lead to a “yes” answer 
  • How to respond when faced with objections 
  • Preparing a speech to convince or to get people to act 
  • Preparing your public talk 
  • Capturing and keeping your audience’s attention 
  • Preparing a convincing presentation 
  • High-impact communication: shaping your message 
  • Building rapport and influence when communicating 
  • Communicating - Connecting to your people 
  • Active Listening 
  • Showing empathy 
  • Make your point more effectively 
  • The key principles of communication 
  • Rephrasing

Learning Structure

Learning Structure for online training Preparing a Convincing Communication

General Note

100% online training—completely flexible schedule.


  • Subscription french version

  • Subscription english version