Change Management - Online Training

  • Duration 7 HOURS
  • Regular fee 115


Understanding the level of stress caused by change. Understanding the dynamics of change management. Understanding the importance of communicating effectively with teams during periods of change.

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Special Note

This training path of 7 hours is available during 1 year and include:

  • 7 sessions
  • 5 essentials
  • 2 action tips
  • 1 videocast
  • 3 evaluations


  • Leading in the midst of a crisis 
  • Getting to grips with a planned change 
  • Choosing the right strategy for implementing a change 
  • Organizing a planned change 
  • Getting the team on board when planning for a change 
  • Organising a meeting to secure support for a difficult change 
  • Day-to-day management of a planned change 
  • Change leadership: some ethical issues 
  • How to deal with demotivation 
  • What is vision? 
  • Visioneering: creating your vision 
  • Supporting your team members through change 
  • Change projects: the crucial role of communication 
  • Showing empathy 
  • Practicing active listening 
  • Preparing your public talk 
  • Taking up the challenge of change 
  • Analyse and assess your stress 
  • Facing up to the typical stresses of being a manager 
  • Dealing with the stress of change 
  • Successfully controlling change

Learning Structure

Learning Structure for online training Change Management

General Note

100% online training—completely flexible schedule.


  • Subscription french version

  • Subscription english version